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BST has a complete and competitive salary and welfare system, to attract and retain the best talents, and to show and support the corporate culture - performance first. This system consists of fixed salary, performance bonus and other welfares, these parts are different but supplement with each other.

Fixed Salary: Comprehensively reflect the employee’s job duties, personal values, sustained contribution to the company, and external market competitiveness.

Performance Bonus: award plan from different areas and aspects, to award employee according to their performance and contribution in business. Including: individual performance bonus, corporate performance bonus. BST requires that the individual performance should keep up with business requirements, at the same time BST support excellent staff with highly competitive income.

Various Types of Welfare: the company’s aim is to provide a comprehensive and attractive combination of welfares to help employees build their corporate identity, and to make the company become the one staff are happy to grow with.

Social Insurance: BST provides endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, housing provident fund and other statutory welfares promulgated by local government.