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India international elevator exhibition 2020 arrives as scheduled

February 27-29, 2020, the 8th India international elevator exhibition (IEE EXPO) held in Mumbai, India's biggest elevator and escalator industry, technology exchange exhibition, not only for the majority of the elevator enterprise provides the product display, experience exchange, trade negotiation and market development platform, and provide convenience for foreign elevator enterprises understand the Indian market, driving the elevator industry from all over the world communication and cooperation.


The exhibition showcased a variety of best products for the south Asian market, such as simple and elegant large window control panel, exquisite embossed cable, high-quality buttons, and IOT elevator intelligent management system. The rich product line has been well received by customers.

With the linkage of BST and Monarch, in the future, in the global elevator market, both products and services, customers will definitely feel the good experience of our 1+1 > 2.