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We cheer for Wuhan in our way

Elevator, whose space with high use frequency and weak air circulation, has also become the focus of public attention due to the outbreak of the Covirus.

At this particular time, what is the correct way to use the elevator?

Disposable gloves? Paper towels? The lighter? Pen?


Wit in kindness, but full of hidden dangers!

We are not professional to fight on the front line like medical staff, but how can we just sit back to die?

In our own way, we make elevators “safer, more friendly, more intelligent" and guarantee “warmer, easier, securer”.


TFT intelligence module 01

Mobile phone registering

New elevator mobile WeChat management IOT platform, which supports the latest BLE bluetooth non-inductive connection technology, can realize non-contact floor registering (for passengers), intelligent maintenance and upgrade ( for property). Such program is free of installation and easy to operate in WeChat.

suitable for video TFT in 10.4” and above  


TFT intelligence module 02

Face recognition system

Face recognition elevator LOP, integrating vivo detection, face tracking recognition and other function, can realize non-contact to button, identity recognition and automatic calling to be more safe and efficient.

suitable for video TFT in 10.4” and above

TFT intelligence module 03

Visual intercom system

New generation of two-way visual intercom security system, which supports in-car and out-car, car to car, car to monitoring room, and car to outside maintenance communication, can realize seamless emergency call. Meanwhile, the intercom camera is multiplexed to detect people in the car and automatically activate video intercom for the visual rescue.

suitable for video TFT in 10.4” and above

More intelligent parts need to be made for our smart city and smart home. Even small button can make a difference by new technology, high-tech materials.


Non touch sensing button

The infrared induction button uses infrared ray to realize the induction function, the user does not contact the button. The button can be used in hospitals and other environments with antibacterial requirements.


Antibacterial button


Exploring more possibilities to develop the elevator industry is our bounden duty. No matter how cold the winter is, spring still comes. 

During this special Covirus period, after touching the elevator buttons, handrails, the best protection is to wash your hands!!

Kindly remind you to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.