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BST First Stop In 2019 @ Turkey International Elevator Show

The 4th Turkey Eurasia International Elevator Exhibition was held at the Istanbul Convention Center from March 21st to 24th 2019. Since its inception, the exhibition has become a well-known elevator exhibition, attracting many companies from the industry.

BST full range of elevator components offers a wide range of options and conveniences for Turkish, European and Middle Eastern markets. Our exhibits combine the needs of overseas markets and customers attracted a lot of visitors stop.

The bright and colorful TFT and Black PC panel series products especially catch children's eyes and become one of the most eye-catching exhibits on the scene.

There will be a lot of gains for each exhibition.After the communication with customers and peers, BST know more about the market needs and the voice of customers.

BST will continue to leverage its strengths to better improve its products and meet the needs of its customers with low-cost, high value-added products and services to create value for customers.