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2018 ExpoElevador Brazil See You Again

 Brazil Elevador Expo ring down the curtain on Sep.5th in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is the richest city in South America, Brazil Expo is one of the most professional and largest show in SA.

Brazil Expo is the significant platform to enter Brazil market, attracting company& professionals all over the world attend the exhibition.

As global elevator parts manufacturer, BST business map reach to mutiple region, supply a river of client, and pleasure partner up premium customers in South Amercia.


BST present a series of product covering MMI(man-machine interface),cable, elevator door-motor line and controlling system. BST make product adjustment according to local market feature, provide not only accessory but also solution, local brand benifit buying from oversea.

Thanks to its unique design and eyecatching decoration, BST booth was filed with praise .

Horing BST spirt, we keep pushing for better design, prodcut and service, making elevator more intelligent and safer.