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Elevator Installation & Electric System Solution

As its population ages, ration above 60 yrs old goes up sharply in China. According to old building amount statistic in major cities, there is 3million gap in market. Installing an elevator, bring huge convenience to residence, take housing price higher at the same time. Regarding on field research, it is far easy to install an elevator in an old building. BST will share its thought, and present solution in below.


Technical Obstacle over OBEL (old building elevator installation)

- MMI (man-machine interaction) -

1. In the most case, old block mount glass curtain wall as shaft, plus car was also made of glass at most time, causing serious illumination problem. It is a tall call for hall calling and operation panel let by light issue. Meanwhile, the identification of button number & button light and floor TFT all be affected by light.

2. Favoring elder people, clear floor indication is crucial in OBEL industry.


- Safety -

1.Everything comes with double-edge sword, after installing an elevator in old building, without strict access authorization management, it also generate personal safety and property concerns.

2.Due to the nature of glass curtain wall and application environment, temp. inside shaft is around 50~60℃, electronical components might malfunction causing by burning temperature, it generate serious safety concern. In a word, all component should be made of high-end heat-resistance.


- Intercom -

1. Following industry code, every car should be mounted with intercom. However, power line and communication wire was not well organized in early age community, which makes harder to wire intercom. Due to lack of standardized controlling room, it is not even possible to wire intercom for some old block.


- Controller -

4 major factor over controller for elevator installation:

1. On account to space limit, controller size need to be desiged much smaller.

2. Its airtight and hot application environment brings about solid heat-dissipation demand.

3. Unique controller was asked matching various community decoration.

4. Given this shorter installation span to reinstall elevator, controller mounting need to be more convenient. 


BST solution targeting above technical obstacle

- Operation Panel -

  • Apply high-defination orange light button and TFT.

  • Durable UV material replace regular one.

  • Safe and handy IC card access management method

  • Customized COP& LOP panel


- Shaft Electric Layout -

  • Carvel ma car top inspection braching box achieve balacned composition and mutiple function.

  • Absorbable mobile inspection box, suspended handheld flashlight.

  • Stoving varnish and ABS material application.


- Digital Elevator Wireless intercom System -

  • One-click call fix five-side communication.

  • LCD mainframe brings about vivid MMI performace.

  • Thanks to wide operaion range, strong anti-jamming character, free wire layout and short construction period, wireless intercom was considered to be the most economic option at all time.

- Controller System -

  • flat and small design save space; 4 fans model design enhance heat-resistance feature; 20 core travelling cable, anti-misplace function.

Constant innovation, better sverice code runs though BST, BST family are obligated keeping this spirt as first tier brand.BST will keep following industry& market trending and customer demand, targeting hot topic with joint technical expert, launching customer pleased solution. BST awlays bring you the best.