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2018 WEE——BST"From the original and refined"

2018 WEE was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center Shanghai from May 8th to 11th. Shanghai BST was appeared with the theme of “From the original and refined”, attracting many visitors.

The scene is very hot,see the photos:

At this exhibition, BST exhibited its products such as buttons, displays, shaft devices,intercom and presented its leading position in product design, process, energy saving, stability, safety and service.

The personalized design highlights the charm of the product;

"Magic Mirror" intelligent interaction breaks through the traditional experience; new materials and new processes highlight product diversification and flexible;

The modular design for the home lift controller is suitable for a variety of home environments.

The product has been unanimously recognized by domestic and international customers.

BST PM door system is ultra-thin, green and energy-saving; electromechanical integration design realizes IIOT;

Integrated car door lock skate is safe and reliable. All products are fully compliant with the new national standard door system solution.

BST cable has a full and wide range of coverage, passed the CCC, EU, CE ,UL certification.

The industry's first cable-reinforced jumper and embedded cable safety protection assembly box improved efficiency and overall aesthetics.

As the world's leading elevator component brand, Shanghai BST will continue to intensify product research and development and technological innovation,
and adhere to the spirit of "From the original and refined" to create value for customers and provide more competitive system solutions.
Make the elevator smarter, safer and more intimate!