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Follow your original aspiration and keep your dream
 Bid farewell to the harvest year of the Monkey, Usher the splendid year of the Rooster

On Jan.23rd 2017, BST’s annual meeting was held in The Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai hotel. This year’s theme is “Remember the Original Desire, Keep the Dream”.

The meeting was hosted by BST’s CEO Mrs. Zhao Yeqing. Operation CEO Mr. Wang Jianjun, Sales General Manager Mrs. Zhou Xiaoying and Domestic Sales Director Mr. Wang Yiyong gave very wonderful speeches, they looked back past one year’s hard work and results, and also raise future’s new opportunity, new plan and new actions, which leads the direction.

Praising the advanced staff is a segment which can focus the mind and revivify the spirits. BST’s existing achievements are the results of all BST people’s efforts. Prizes as Best Products, Best New Staff, Advanced Management and Best Staff were awarded one by one.

BST’s chairman, Mr. Zhu Xiaodi, made a speech, which proposes 5 targets and visions: Getting most customer’s favorable comments; Every staff has good working environment; Grow faster than industry average; Good profitability; Continuous leading industry position. In 2017, BST should remember the original desire and proceed with progressive manner.

The dinner party was started with passionate music, cool lights and stirring rhythm.Performances as enthusiastic dance, meaningful short sketch, lively recite and inspirational chorus fully show BST’s team spirits of fearless dream, power and passion.

The annual meeting was full of joy, gratitude, honor and glory. There were also good wines and food. BST people all made best wishes for new year with blessings. “Remember the original desire, keep the dream’, the annual meeting successfully ended with delighted atmosphere.