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The 4th BST Summer Camp
On Aug. 18th, 2016, the 4th BST summer camp began.

The purpose of BST summer camp is to enhance the emotional communication between parents and children,

let the children know their parents’ work, contact with the company and its culture, and convey the company

honor and pride to each employee’s family.

Our way of registration is very lovely, they press the handprint as the leaves on the tree of life. Children spell

their name earnestly and carefully.

Through a wonderful introduction, and the visit of the workshop and exhibition hall, they have a further

understanding of BST's products and culture, and new understanding of elevator safety.

With laughter, we arrived at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. In the underwater world, the kiddies

are like cute little fish, run here and there happily.

After the event, the children completed a special homework, they draw a picture for this memorable day.

A successful company maintains the happiness of a family. A strong backing of the family is the guarantee

of employees’ dedicated work. BST thanks all employees who work hardly in their positions. No matter

in the past, now or in the future, we will go forward together.