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When the elevator meets a fairy tale...

BST supplied the comprehensive system solutions for Shanghai Disneyland (Main Entrance, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, logistics area), Shanghai Disney Theme Hotel and Shanghai Toy Story Hotel with our reliable products, including COP, LOP, Hall Lantern, HMI, etc.. 

Human-machine Interface Design‘Lights the Enchanted Dream’

The Disneyland is specially designed with various fantastic architectures and required entire facilities match the same styles.  BST supplies the customized HMI products for the diversified elevator systems in different venues and areas. Considering different architecture styles and intelligent safety conception, engineers study hard on those architectures. The Disney tales also bring them the inspiration to design aesthetic products, in some degree, highlighting BST’s strong R&D capabilities to meet different requirement. With the ultimately comfortable and enjoyable elevators, you can start lighting your fantastic Disney dreams.

Make Elevators More Wonderful

The magic Shanghai Disney Theme Hotel and Shanghai Toy Story Hotel always make you feel like standing in a wonderful world.
Stepping into elevators of Toy Story Hotel, Woody‘s warm greeting will start guiding you into a world of fairy tales. The high-brightness, high-resolution and unlimited-angle TFT display will shows the message left by your animal friends. It is really a perfect visual experience.

High Quality Experience in Taking Elevator

Supplying qualified products for the different-style sections of Disneyland is really a big challenge. With cooperating with appointed coating and decoration supplier, we choose different faceplates to insure the installation precision.
As a leading elevator part supplier, BST supplies the high-standard, high-quality products and such products bring tourists wonderful experience in taking elevators during the entire Disney venture.