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2016 China International Elevator Exhibition Shanghai Bei Site wonderful review!


       2016中国2016 China International Elevator Exhibition has closed successfully. Shanghai BST attends this elevator event with its design concept of "Make Elevator Friendlier, Smarter and Safer" at booth 5117 of HALL5.1. BST booth totally covers 440 square meters, which is the biggest of all elevator parts suppliers, attracting plenty of visitors to gather and discuss BST products.


      The latest products fully display the advantages of design, technology and services which are key to make products more reliable, stable and energy-saving. BST product has reached the international advanced level and has been trusted by our customers through all over the world.


    This time, BST shows nearly 300 sets of products (including the 110 sets button) of fixture in the cabin, button, display, hoistway fixture, intercom, etc. These products show the strong modular design capabilities and leading concept and capacity of glass products processing. New-standard fire ladder, new materials, various display modules, intelligent and interactive products has highlighted and been recognized by the domestic and overseas customers.


     BST door mechanism comply with the new national standard that door cannot be opened if the cabin does not reach the floor level and the cabin can be opened from the cabin and floor once reach the floor level. Landing mechanism has passed the impact test with 45KG pendulum. Since the safety is the top priority of the elevator, this door system has gain a lot of favor from our domestic and foreign customers.


       BST owns a various range of cable which had been certified by the CCC, CE, and UL. LSZH cable, one of the environmental protection cables, possesses features of halogen-free, little smoke while burning and high transmittance up to 80%. Such features help the evacuation in case of fire. In innovative products series, travelling cables for high-speed elevator are qualified for the elevators which maximum operating speed reach 10m / s and lifting height 400 meters. Optical fiber travelling cable performs better than traditional coaxial cables in anti-interference transmission speed. 


       In the afternoon of 11th, May, BST hold workshop of Human-Machine Interface Design. Mr. Feng Kun, executive general manager of BST Electric Co.,Ltd., introduces details under the theme of " Make Elevator Friendlier, Smarter and Safer ". He also shares the trend analysis and opportunities of elevator electric industry in the future with actual cases.


        As the world's leading elevator components company, BST will continuously strengthen product development and technology innovation, maintain "quality, innovation, service" concept and provide more competitive system solutions to help our customers gain more value and make elevator friendlier, smarter and safer.


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