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BST Annual Gala- Endeavour over Difficulties, Pursue Pragmatic Growth
Spring goes and autumn comes,
the sun sets and the moon rises in turn,
even through the moment’s gone,
we are always here for each other

On the afternoon of January 27th, 2018, BST annual gala named “Endeavour over Difficulties, Pursue Pragmatic Growth” was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel near Dishui Lake. Mr. Zhu Xiaodi, Chairman of BST, gathered together with all the executives, employees and suppliers of the company.

Grand Admittance, Elegant Demeanour

The admittance this year is one of the highlights in the annual gala. After reviewing of the company history on the wall, visitors can read company culture quotations and make remarks on the signature wall, and take group pictures with their sincere colleague and friends. The grand ceremony filled everyone’s heart.

Endeavour over Difficulties, Pursue Pragmatic Growth

The conference meeting is hosted by Ms. Zhao Yeqing, President of BST. Ms. Zhou Xiaoying, Sales General Manager, Mr. Feng Kun, General manager of BST electric Co., Ltd, Ms. Zhao Yeqing, President of BST, and General Manager of door system Co., Ltd, Mr. Wang Yiyong, General Manager of BNK Cable Co., Ltd, and other executives and representatives have issues wonderful speeches.

Awards Ceremony, Glory Moments

Awards Ceremony is an inspiring and glorious moment, the achievement of BST today is the fruit of all the employees who hold onto their dreams and strive for success. Awards named “hard-working”,” sales star”, “new staff” was presented, moreover, there are prizes for “management progress”, “outstanding employee of the year”, and “Top team”.

Make pragmatic progress

Mr. Zhu Xiaodi, Chairman of BST points out that we should firmly set our goal and direction, BST electric company should lead the industry, door company should build the brand, and the cable company should work hard to become a reliable supplier of customers. In 2018, all members should follow the below points, work over difficulties and constantly strive forward; make a pragmatic approach and follow the path of growth; build a good performance evaluation oriented ecosystem; continue to develop the spirit of craftsman and implement every detail of daily work. Set up firm dreams and make it come true with constant efforts!

Always start from a low point of view, but keep up with the high end.
Walk one step at a time to success. 
A firm dream will multiply our strength.
In the days to come, we will stay together for the same dream.

Endeavour over Difficulties, Pursue Pragmatic Growth

Song and dance, gift money

Then goes to the party part. With passionate music, cool light, our shows are on in turn:flag flying dance ”triumph”, interactive show “masked singer”, joking play “original dream” , dynamic dance “youth”, an adapted rap, and hot song and dance….The party brings wonderful feast to everyone, showing the passion and presence of BST staff, the joy and gratitude touches everyone’s heart.

In the warm and happy banquet atmosphere, the annual gala comes to a close. We sing together for “real heros”. As the lyrics says,” hold every moment, go all out for dreams, say goodbye to today and we’ll have new start tomorrow”…
For the days to come. we will always continue to focus on our customers.