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BST Parent-Child Summer Camp

        As one of BST brand activities, Parent-Child Camp is warmly received and widely praised by staff for its unique cultural bearing and rich form of development. Today please follow my step to get a taste of the Fifth Parent-Child Summer Camp.

Highlight 1, Speech by President MS. Yeqing Zhao---Cultural inheritance supports the dream of enterprise!
The achievement of dreams cannot be separated from the dependence on culture. BST has to pass on the good culture for generations to be a platform with dream, opportunity, and striving.

Highlight 2, Dream relay---“I have dream too!”
“When I grow up, I want to be a policeman to catch bad people!”
“I want to be a scientist!”
“I want to be a scientist!”
“I want to be a shop assistant!”
“I want to be an astronaut and travel around the whole space!”
Every dream should not be despised, and, each idea should be respected. On the way of a child's dream, we only need to encouraged him constantly, meanwhile give him enough kindness and approval, he will be sure to reach the other side of the dream.

Highlight 3, Step into your Mom and Dad's job!
The little guys stepped into their Mom and Dad’s job to feel the producing process, and get similar to the working environment of parents, meanwhile understand their parents' hard work and strive.

Highlight 4, Exhibition hall---Zero distance with products!

Wow! It sounds Ding after touch!

This door is so luxury! Come and take a photo together, make me beautiful please!


Highlight 5, Happy time having delicious lunch!

The environment of dining room is so elegant with delicious dishes! I give score 100! 

Highlight 6, Having fun in the aquarium!

After arriving Shanghai ocean aquarium, the children are fascinated by the wonderful underwater world. The magical creatures of the sea are full of magical colors, the children forgot to leave. After close contact with Marine life, the children picked up the brush and painted an interesting ocean world.

Home, is the most tender harbor in the bottom of the heart, also is the strongest back. BST is a big family and takes care of you and your family. The children's summer camp added a sense of understanding and support in Children’s mind to the "Home" mom and dad daily works for, and the feeling of warmth and beauty in all the BST staff. No matter in the past, at present, in the future, We are together, We are family!