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BST provides good training, development space and career life for employees. Here, you can get not only a job, but also a growing career.

Career Life with Full of Challenges and Returns

In BST, You will find the work full of fun and challenge. In the process of accepting challenges and overtake yourselves, your personal expertise, core qualities and leadership will be fully developed.
BST not only provide a challenging career life, but also give full support for the staff to overcome the challenge. The support is from your supervisor, your team and the company management. When employee finishes the work with excellent performance, company will give sufficient recognition and affirmation.

Wide Development Space

In BST, everyone can choose horizontal or vertical development of his career according to his own situations. He can develop to be a integrated manager well versed in the business or function departments, he also can choose to be a very senior experts in certain field. For these two kinds of talents, BST regard both of them very important.

Personal Development Plan

In BST, personal development plan is a very important mean to help staff develop themselves. It gives employees the opportunity to regularly plan, discuss and review their personal development with supervisors, to gain skills, knowledge and experience. It is not only to meet the needs of current work, but also to prepare for the next professional development and ultimately achieve personal career goal.

Training Plan

BST provides training program of all kinds of basic skills, core skills and professional skills. For those who hold managerial positions or have potential leadership, the company will also provides leadership training.

We have plenty of reasons to believe that in BST, there are opportunities, dreams and fights!

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